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Protect your

Cost and resource efficient Adapt our fast, easy to understand solution for all your users

Security & beyond! to Health, Defence, Agriculture, Finance, IoT and more

Give & NetZero Offset * Give to your chosen cause or let us offset carbon impact of your purchase

Cybersecurity for businesses
Cybersecurity for businesses
Cybersecurity for businesses
Together for our planet
Tech Zero

Award-winning ethical AI marketplace-as-a-Service Matches buyers to rated bundles of products, processes and people

Our one-of-a-kind NetZero score shows how environmentally responsible the company, producing the solution your customers are buying, is in our and experts’ opinions

Purpose-built for our global government and corporate partners who are adding us to their marketplaces

Adapt our policy-driven, behavioural-led AI marketplaces for your government and partner customers

How we can help you

Buy your cybersecurity from us

Extend your offering to include a security marketplace

Integrate with your API to auto-pull customer data

Data localisation of your customer’s data in your systems

Repurpose our AI for your services

Create policy/regulation-driven adaption of our AI

Behavioural-led predictive trending AI add-on

Co-promotion and co-marketing

Our plans (to fit your size) will take you through an assessment to a tailored dashboard showing your Cybersecurity Risk Scores. Similar to a credit score, but assessing from 70+ risk factors for those relevant to you. Higher your scores, safer you are. We match these scores to bundles of protection (products and services) you can buy. You can personalise these bundles using our score sliders from 1-10

Extend your offering by white-labelling or in-licensing our security marketplace into your products or by showing a link to our website on yours

We can integrate with your API to simply auto-pull customer data.  Making answering our questions quicker and simpler

Your partners’ and customer portal can contain a ProtectBox App that deploys a lite version of ProtectBox’s user interface, to keep all data localised

Repurpose our AI to automate your processes &/or enhance the functionalities of your existing marketplaces, to make your existing solutions easier and smarter to use

Adapt our Recommendations dashboard into personalized decision-making &/or supervisory dashboards to help you with your local/regional/national policy and regulations

Use the analytics and behaviour tracking built into our platform to enhance the performance of your existing marketplaces

We can help with co-promotion of ProtectBox’s values, as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Build your best-match bundle, in minutes. Gain confidence with our uncomplicated questions. We’ll do the rest for you

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Use Cases

We're building trust and confidence with our responsible AI across the following use cases and industries

Create your own ethical AI marketplace

1. Advise/Assess

Adapt our knowledge base
Search, import of answers from
your systems

Customise our Assessment Ask
a friend, languages, voice to
text, video etc

2. Match

Adapt our on-boardng of
Direct sign-up or
indirect api integration

Adapt our Comparisons
For your
or your customers’ needs

3. Bundle/Predict

Adapt our AI Algorithms,
mapping, self-learning &

Data Classification,
standardization, we can advise
how to do it or do it for you

4. Get/Rate

Adapt our purchasing or provisioning of solutions, policy &/or regulation Integrating with many different system types

Customisation of our Ratings/Reviews & NetZero score Of your solutions & you/suppliers selling your solutions

5. Subscribe & More

Adapt our subscription service Unlimited access to customers’ answers / solutions. Bespoke news, updates etc

Commercialisation of our adapted AI solutions for you Adapt our Blog feeds, join the ‘Family’ feature & more

For home moves, birthdays, weddings, new job/uni term or just because you care

Send to family, friends, employees and more.

From £1 to whatever you can give! 

In any currency to anywhere in the world and sustainably as an e-card… even add your own photos to your e-card 

Set up young and old – as a delegate – then we’ll send you auto-renew options when time

Gift that’ll keep them safe forever

Award-winning technology and leadership

Winner of 10 Awards (scroll through them below) & finalist in 40+ other Awards (see Blog for details)
plus a nomination for The Earthshot Prize 2022, launched by The Royal Foundation of The Prince and Princess of Wales

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Award-winning cybersecurity comparison website/marketplace that lets any small & medium business anywhere in the world. In an hour for free, find & buy all their cybersecurity in 1-place whether they’re technical or not & whether they’re affected by COV-19 or not. We’re also taking the pain away for Cybersecurity Suppliers by matching them to actual Sales quickly, simply & affordable.

We’re also not just about improving the process but championing small & medium businesses to get fairer deals. Plus making the cybersecurity world more approachable for them by hiring those that wouldn’t normally be seen as the norm for cybersecurity. We’re ‘less geek’ and as much a small & medium business, like them!

In the same way that banks sell insurance as an add-on, ProtectBox can be sold as an all-in-one cyber add-on by accountants, banks, insurers, any data service provider incl govt. By adding (on their website) a link to our website to buy from us, when they sell one of their products. Or advocate for us through sales, social media, client briefings. We build brand loyalty, increase market penetration into new areas & are CSR for partners.

We are Protection in a Box (or cybersecurity-as-a-service), whether that’s buying it, selling it, promoting it etc.

NetZero is the movement in place to balance greenhouse gas and carbon emissions with the end goal of eliminating them completely.
In the UK, most businesses are committing to be at NetZero by 2050. Other businesses, including ProtectBox, are working towards being at NetZero before then.

Our proprietary NetZero score includes a wide range of data sources and factors to provide buyers with the best possible information to support their decision-making process when selecting a company to buy from.

The ProtectBox NetZero score evaluates the company (rather than the product which is rated in the separate customer reviews section).

The NetZero score assesses how environmentally responsible the company producing the product you are considering buying is in experts and our own opinions.

How we calculate NetZero scores:
  • Publicly available data
  • Other data sources including energy efficiency ratings
  • Data provided to us directly by suppliers

No, we are operating across the world, our website is available in multiple languages, and we are expanding our services all the time. Please sign up for our email updates and social media to keep you up to date.

Chat to us using the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner. Or email us, as shown below (or call us on +44 (0)207 993 3037), our customer service team is available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (UK time).
Investors & Media:

Our proprietary NetZero score rates suppliers and partners using data from a combination of sources, including our own experts to provide the most comprehensive score possible.

Our simple NetZero score is displayed in your results so you can easily select the right solution that also meets your NetZero requirements.

You can also use the sliding filter to add your NetZero requirements as part of your requirements prior to searching for the best-fit results.

We all need to play our part in improving sustainability. That’s why we are committed to only work with providers who meet our NetZero goals and who are making strides in their environmental, social and fair governance goals.

ProtectBox is aligned to the Clean Growth Strategy, helping improve business and industry efficiency by identifying risks and recommending mitigants for those risks.

Read our recent blog on the subject from our Founder, Kiran Bhagotra, that explains how we approach this and the great progress we’ve already been able to make on reaching our sustainability goals.

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